Halloween 2016 Holiday Date | History & Traditional Celebration

Halloween 2016 Holiday Date | History & Traditional Celebration – Halloween celebration denoted as All Hallows Eve is celebrated and observed by millions of people in multiple countries across the world. It has an age old traditions and rituals but today in this modern world it is a festival which is enjoyed as a fun activity by kids and children’s. It is an occasion where children’s dress up into an attire of a monster, ghosts or witches to observe the Halloween Day. There are various scary and funny activities enjoyed by children’s on the occasion of Halloween Day.

Halloween 2016
Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016 Holiday Date

Halloween Holiday 2016 – Halloween Day is celebrated every year on the evening of the 31st October which falls before the Christian feast of all saints day. The day has age old history and tradition which marks the day to celebrate and believe as the Halloween festivals in many countries across the world. There are various assumptions and beliefs regarding the origin of Halloween which can be traced back to the ancient Ireland and Scotland traditions around the time of Christ. But it is the day to mark the annual change of the season which is a time of the crops to harvest. This year Halloween Day will be celebrated on Monday 31st October 2016 prominently in the western countries

Halloween History

History of Halloween – Halloween History is traced back to the ancient religion of the Celtic tribes in 500 B.C from where the Britons, Scots and Irish originated. These Celts believed and immensely worshipped nature and had faith on spirited world. They used to worship 300 gods with their chief god as Sun and celebrated two festivals Beltane and Samhain which marked the beginning of the Summer and Winter season respectively. They believed that the end of Summer, Samhain with the lord of death becoming more powerful and thereby overpowering the Sun God. Thus it was on October 31, Samhains used to assemble all the evil spirits who had died at the same time in the previous year and allows them to return their Home to visit the living creature. But gradually the Celtic concept of ghosts and witches got blended and overdue with Roman and Christian Customs which are nowadays celebrated more as Mischief festival playing pranks with each other.

Halloween Traditional Celebration

Halloween Celebration Tradition – Halloween Day is still associated with traditional celebration which usually consists of Trick or treat, lighting bonfires and carving pumpkins as turnips for lanterns. The common traditional celebration includes dressing up into Halloween Costumes and begging for treats from door to door. Villagers still play vivacious pranks among each other which are the most enjoyable moment to rejoice on the Halloween Day.